July 2008

“So it is really a question of man establishing a new attitude towards man, of a qualitative modification in life and culture. We already have the means to demonstrate that this fundamental modification is possible. We cannot begin even to imagine its inexhaustible consequences.” (249)

Like the Goreacle on Meet The Press, but emanicpatory, not a Green fetishistic trope where can do American neo-liberal imagination can triumph over its own creation.

Somehow the WIFI signal I am squatting on is letting me watch Google Video, but won’t allow me to link. I recommend the Agamben video I am watching; http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2704693275091773093&q=giorgio+agamben&ei=pGeFSM6aDIjWqwO-lbjEDA&hl=en. Judging from Adam Kotsko’s notes- apologies but google them- the lecture encapusulates Agamben’s new work in the Homo Sacer series. Its very interesting.