February 2009

If you didn’t click on the link to anal satan lyrics on the last post, I suggest you do. Courtesy of the metrolyrics website; the virtual karaoke scroll of the anal satan lyrics. Now the only song I will ever do karaoke to. Also a monument to karaoke’s inherent stupidity.


Treat this as a supplement to  x avec y. Here, I offer “VS”- where self-reflective antagonisms used for the purpose of self identification/ self creation are read against themselves. Instead of reading these comparisons- these VS- as instances of “othering” the objects of opposition, they are re-read with the logic of x avec y.  y as the truth of x- “the symptom that reveals the full extension of the logic of x which x itself is incapable of bearing out”- demystifies the VS to reveal the antagonists as the truth content of each other- the shadow demystified- in a hilarious new light; visual couterparts to the melvins song ‘anal satan”


I’m really into the show House M.D. at the moment. I can’t figure out why. Its not because it’s a great show like the other few tv shows ive watched in the past ten years ( curb, deadwood, Nathan barely, the mighty boosh). Its not because of the genre, I’ve never liked the medical soap or mystery genre so its not because it’s the synthesis of the two. So, it may be just becuz the character of house is the kind of obnoxious person that appeals to me and becuz hes sort of an watered down combination of a critical theorist and a punk. ( i’m kinda embarassed i just wrote that but can also imagine Zizek providing a similar analysis)