June 2009

Me at the Bumpidee Reader

I never read crime fiction. In fact, I hadn’t read any type of fiction for years. Then I watched The Wire. It was an obsession. Consumed, I watched the entire series in a few weeks. I devoted entire Sundays to it. Then it was over. My free time was too free. It became indeterminate, homogeneous, empty and anxious. Thankfully, Steve Dore recommended George Pelecanos.

George Pelecanos was a writer/producer on The Wire. He writes crime fiction set in DC. Its a lot like The Wire; realist stories of people- mostly men- caught in social, civic and institutional decay. His writing style is taught and mesmerizing. He also has stellar taste in music, which plays a significant contextual element in his work.

So, now I’ve got a new Sunday routine. I read a George Pelecanos book. I’ve read nearly everyone in Brighton Hove library. They have all been good. Some, like The Night Gardener, The Turnaround and Hard Revolution, have been superb.


And now, the newest sensation sweeping the ivory towers, virtual wires, and juke joints around the world– “Who Said it; Adorno or Hamburger?”

A game where you try to guess whether the following can be attributed to critical theorist Theodor W. AdornoSOZIALPHILOSOPH,

or America’s Funnyman Neil Hamburger;

why did god create domino’s pizza? to punish humanity for its complicity in letting the holocaust happen.”