I’ve lived in England off and on for something like 4 1/2 years. So, I already went through the process of adapting to and comparing American and English cultures, ettiquette, language etc. Its an interesting and enriching process, and Adswithoutproducts and Aloof from Inspiration are doing a splendid job writing about it now.

My two newer young housemates are also going through this process, with the added bonus of living on their own for the first time. They seem like sweet kids, but i do find them endearing and amusing in a paternalistic way, when they routinely melt plastic cooking utensils and burn pasta, in their valiant attempts to cook the simplest meals.

What I find interesting about myself in this situation is the disjuncture between how acclimated I feel and how other people interpret me. I never think of myself as American, let alone an American living abroad, but that is how many, if not all, people perceive me. I’ve been asked where I am from at just about every temp job, most having already deduced America, apart from someone who thought i was from Devon. It also seems to be how people in SPT perceive me, talking to me about American culture and saying they love my accent and mannerisms. And, its what set some wasted lady off last night about how wonderful seattle is.

Theoretically, I suppose I serve the function of some exotic/ hegemonic other, but I feel more estranged temping in some hallowed neoliberal yuppie office hell in  Seattle.

Clubs in Brighton follow the niche market. But this doesn’t stop similarity. Instead there seem to be several filling the same niche. Off the top of my head there are several that play old rock n roll/garage/surf/soul/blues and several that play old rock n roll/old country/rockabilly. This leaves gaps. As far a I know there are  no hardcore, punk, glam, power-pop, proper indie, pyschedelic, kraut, riot grrl etc nights. Back when the underground incorporated these elements, I think my friend jim’s Action a-go-go played the best of all these genres. Its an idea thats due for a comeback.