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Here’s a thesis topic for anyone who’s interested– Stiff Little Fingers and post-colonialism. Alternative Ulster is the Wretched of the Earth of punk.

(1) what do i have to do to be designated ‘too big to fail?’ can i put it on my cv?

(2) are there any conspiracy theories that yo-yo ma is the leader of the new world order? he seems to be at every political event (kennedy’s funeral, the g20) for no discernable reason. Is he the elder of Zion and the illuminati wrapped around a priceless cello

Experimental etc. is fantastic. They have the Beefheart discography, loads of Magic Markers, Acid Eater, the new Lightning Bolt and lots of others I’m dying to check out. Shit is tight.

Here are two things I’m gonna do to post more:

1) put the links i post on Facebook here

2) put notes on what im reading here.

This may seem slightly obnoxious. But Insist what I put here will be interesting.

Well start off with a link to Cosmic Hearse an mp3 blog with plenty of black and thrash metal and other goodies. I recommend the Trouble lp, Reagan Youth, Baba Yaga, The Melvins solo lps etc.

I’m lousy at blogging. Might try to work on that after the op. so again from the bumpidee reader


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One of Monty Python’s funniest sketches is The Summarize Proust Competition. Contestants are given 15 seconds to summarize Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past.
Its funny because of the typically absurdist Python twist; Remembrance of Things Past is a seven volume work that is impossible to summarize at all, let alone in 15 minutes.

Roberto Bolano’s magnum opus 2666 is just like Proust. Its futile to summarize. So I will follow the lead of other reviewers and offer a pat summary of the structure; Its 890 pages, broken into 5 parts, with digressions. The five parts consist of different stories which sometime intersect and somehow connect with the background of the unsolved murders of hundreds of women in the Mexican border town of St. Theresa. (based on the true events of the still unsolved murders of hundreds of women in Ciudad Juarez read this article). I’m tempted to say these murders- while obviously horrific in their own right- are also an allegory, like the Baltimore of The Wire, for the general state humanity is now in.

Still, the problem with this pat summary is that it doesn’t do the job. If anything its too straight forward and off putting and quite simply doesn’t do justice to the dizzy, addictive contrapuntal variation of settings, style, imagery, inventiveness, characters and tone, which has endless brilliant sentences like this which rival any of the best social and political thought;

“Names, names, names. Those who made the revolution and those who were devoured by that same revolution, though it wasn’t the same but another, not the dream but the nightmare that hides behind the eyelids of the dream.”

and this which rival any of the best surreal humor;

He meets a jazz musician who tells him about chickens that talk and probably think

“the worst of it,” the musician say to him, “is that the governments of the planet know it and that’s why so many people raise chickens.”

The boy objects that the chickens are raised to be eaten. The musician says that’s what the chickens want. And he finishes by saying “Fucking masochistic chickens, they have our leaders by the balls.”

I guess all I can say is that 2666 is incredible. Its one of the best books I’ve ever read. I read it in two weeks in what little spare time I have. I couldn’t stop because it was so good. Now I kinda wish i’d taken my time. In many ways im still processing it. I want to read it again.

From the Guardian;
“Some have argued that pop music was the battering ram that breached the Wall…The real credit, though, lies with David Hasselhoff. The US TV star had a parallel life as a soft rocker in Germany. His none-too-subtle single “Looking for Freedom” was a huge hit in Germany in summer 1989. He got to play the crumbled Wall first, on New Year’s Eve. Hasselhoff has since complained of being left of out of the reckoning at Berlin’s Checkpoint Charlie museum; he may have a point.”

Here’s the song. atrocious drivel, of course. It should have shown the East German’s there are parts of capitalism far more tortuous then anything the Stasi could dream up.

who knew horrible people could be so banal, so non-compelling, so, so tedious? like if eichmann wrote a bergman film.

all the pictures in rosetta stone look like eddie bauer detritus and they make you pronounce words less like the language you are learning and more like an american, but i love it still cuz that ringing sound when you get a correct answer is nicest affirmation at the end of a long day.

quite remarkable photos of how the US military is utilizing Saddam’s palaces. gaudy meets functional in a whole new imperialist aesthetic. perhaps we can call it noveau regime.

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