Remember when I said I might not post as much? I lied. Its something to do in this horrible weather. This horrible weather inflicting itself upon the city, practically shutting it down, causing the local news to somehow increase its coverage to a wall-to-wall, rapture like apotheosis. This horrible weather, which is meant to continue. As I type this, the snow is starting to fall again. It will only increase the fatuous hysteria.

If you thought the local news obnoxious fixation on the banal was tedious before; the now constant repetitive spectacle of weather updates, traffic reports, school closings and reports from correspondents- who look so fresh-faced they must be interns- picking up fresh snow while discussing how much accumulation there was in a parking lot in a some horrible suburban town, will obliterate your patience.

This exercise in mass hysteria,  has sidelined even the insubstantial real news coverage the local news might usually bother with, relegating it to filing the space in between the latest breaking storm coverage. (they only announced the governor had released a budget with significant cuts in services, but eschewed specifics, because that would get in the way of traffic.)

Now it will only get worse. Fuck the local news. Fuck this horrible weather.

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